bear mad honey turkey

In Turkey's Düzce province, the bear, exhausted because it missed the dose of crazy honey that producers consumed by smashing their hives, fainted. The baby brown bear, which overeats crazy honey, was found unconscious by the producers. The Nature Conservancy and National Parks team took the ecstatic bear to the conservation site for treatment. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has also stepped in regarding the bear, which is among the most talked about topics in social media.

1. The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced that the baby brown bear is in good health and its treatment is continuing. In the same briefing, he also called for a name for the baby bear. "Let's give a name to our cute 'girl' who missed the dose of honey, and she will live by her name," the ministry said in a call.

2. Yasin Öztaş, a forester who found the exhausted bear in Düzce because he missed the dose of honey, said that they were afraid when they first saw the bear on the road, and then they delivered the animal they took to the vehicle to the Düzce National Parks and Nature Protection Branch Directorate.

3. On the social media account of the ministry, images of the bear, which was found unconscious in the Yığılca district of Düzce and was treated by the team of the Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Directorate, were shared.

4. In the sharing made on the social media account of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the result of the name campaign for the bear found exhausted in Düzce was announced. "Our cute bear is called 'Honeygirl'. May she live by the name of our daughter," the statement said, adding that Balkız's health condition is very good and she will be released into the living area as soon as possible.

5. The world press carried "Balkız" in its headlines.

6. The Telegraph newspaper presented the exhausted version of Balkız to its readers with the headline "Are you okay, honey?" The report said Balkız "tasted the unbearable feeling of eating 'crazy honey' before she was restored to health by veterinarians."

7. The British news agency BBC announced the news as "Hallucinogenic bear cub that consumed a lot of 'crazy honey' rescued by park rangers."

8. The Reuters news agency announced to its readers with the headline "A mad honey-loving, confused cub has been rescued in northwest Turkey."

9. The Telegraph's report also touched on the work of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the efforts of the people of Düzce to save the animal.

10. In the Guardian newspaper, while emphasizing "crazy honey", it was stated that "The brown bear cub that fainted was rescued in Turkey."

11. The Daily Mail's website said: "The exhausted bear was found piled up in a forest." The news also provided information about Balkız's health condition.

12. On the Metro, the news was announced with the headline "Bear cub loves honey".

13. The 1news website used the headline "Honey-soaked bear cub rescued in Turkey" and published Balkız's video.

14. The news was shared in The Canberra Times with the video headline "Bear hallucinates in 'crazy honey'". The news also provided information on the bear's health status.