Foreign students from various countries visited Cappadocia for the Summer Internship Program.

Within the scope of the Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey (TABİP) conducted by Yunus Emre Institute (YEE), foreign students from various countries toured Cappadocia for the SkyGlobal Cultural Exchange and Summer Internship Program initiated in cooperation with Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI).

1. Within the scope of the project carried out under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, engineering students from Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan participated in the excursion program to observe the historical and cultural values of Turkey after 4 weeks of training at TAI.

2. Foreign students, after their trips in Istanbul and Ankara with YEE officials, came to Nevşehir and visited the touristic centers of Cappadocia. Students who participated in activities in the region took photos on camel back in the Valley of Lovers.

3. YEE officials stated that thanks to the program, students had the opportunity to get to know Turkish culture closely and said, "We have launched the SkyGlobal Cultural Exchange and Summer Internship Program. We hosted 10 students from different countries in Turkey."

4. In the same statement, YEE officials said, "Our program, which started in Istanbul for our students, continued in Cappadocia. They participated in the balloon tour in Cappadocia, they loved it. They received information about the history of the region. It was a very nice experience for our students."

5. Nur Izzati Barry Binti Abdul Rashid, one of the Malaysian students, expressed her excitement and happiness to participate in the program in Turkey and said, "This program has been an important opportunity for me. I visited many places in Istanbul, Ankara and Cappadocia. It was my first experience abroad. I saw many historical and cultural sites up close. I gained a lot of different experience and experience."

6. Ooi Chung Chao thanked YEE officials for giving him the opportunity to participate in this program. Stating that he gained new information about Turkey in the travel and training program, Chao said, "I have made new friends from other countries participating in the program. I hope this event will continue in the coming years. Because it was really an instructive and enjoyable process."