Historical Cümbez Tree in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

The historical Cümbez Tree, known as the oldest living creature in the TRNC, has a history of more than 7 centuries. Cümbez, 15 meters tall, has a fascinating shade and bears fruit 7 times a year.

1. The Cümbez Tree in the Famagusta region has been witnessing history for seven centuries.

2. The trunk of this tree, which was planted in 1299 during the Lusignan period, splits into seven branches after 2.70 meters.

3. Cümbez, the oldest and most vibrant tree known in Cyprus, bears fruit seven times a year.

4. Located in the courtyard of the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, the 723-year-old and about 15-meter-tall tree also has a fascinating shade.

5. The trunk of the tree is surrounded by smaller branches that grow from the main trunk, while these give the tree additional support.

6. It is also known that the historical Cümbez Tree witnessed many historical events such as the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus in 1571, the Cyprus Peace Operation in 1974 and so on in Cyprus, where many different civilizations lived.

7. Cümbez has been considered important in the region since the time of the ancient Egyptians due to its ability to create a semi-enclosed shade space for warm places and its valuable timber for furniture making.