With the invention of high school students, the sound is being converted to Braille.

Nisa Gökdemir, a visually impaired 9th grade student at Mustafa Eminoğlu Anatolian High School in Kayseri, Turkey, and her schoolmate Mustafa Bilgetekin made a device that converts sound into Braille alphabet for visually impaired students.

1. Gökdemir, who completed primary and secondary school in schools providing education for the visually impaired and continued his education in high school, started to look for a system to translate the voice into Braille alphabet when he had difficulty in keeping notes in the lessons.

2. Gökdemir, who prepared a project that will facilitate the visually impaired with physics teacher and TÜBİTAK coordinator Ferhat Çekin and Mustafa Bilgetekin, provided the development of the device that converts sound into Braille alphabet. After the electronic device detects the sound, it converts it to Braille and transfers it to paper with the help of a typewriter.

3. Nisa Gökdemir said that she was happy to realize her dream project. Explaining that they have developed a project that will benefit not only himself but all visually impaired people, Gökdemir said: "We cannot write the writings that our teacher wrote on the board in the classroom. The tablet we use requires arm and finger strength, which makes us tired. This negatively affects both our psychology and our educational life.

4. Nisa Gökdemir, I had a hard time in high school. I tried to write what was written on the board, but when I couldn't, I quit. Then I had such an idea. I think this project will be a ray of hope for visually impaired individuals. This system we have developed writes words and sentences on paper in relief. I think this project will be very beneficial for us."

5. Organized by TÜBİTAK Scientist Support Programs Directorate, the 53. Reminding that they came second in the field of technology design in the High School Students Research Projects Kayseri Regional Competition, Gökdemir stated that the target was higher.

6. Mother Figen Gökdemir stated that she was very happy that her daughter took part in this project.11. Class student Mustafa Bilgetekin said that he is interested in coding and has developed various projects before.

7. Emphasizing that he is proud to be a part of the project, Bilgetekin said, "The system detects sound, then translates it into a code and transfers it to the card. Our card detects that code if we say 'hello' and writes it one by one. In fact, this is a huge achievement. We did the project by asking visually impaired individuals to continue their school life without any difficulty."

8. Teacher Ferhat Çekin said that he noticed that Nisa had trouble taking notes in class. Çek, who stated that they saw that there was no system that translated the sound into Braille alphabet in their R & D studies, said, "We said we could do this project. It was a very good result and we got the second prize in the regional finals. Our system that translates my voice from typewriter to text in class is working. We got an award because he already worked."